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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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a prosecutor expresses scorn for a murderer. our top story see it around the country tonight guilty on four counts of murder we are live tonight at the courthouse. >> christopher bond remains behind bars as he has since the summer of 2007 but tonight he is no longer a defendant he is a
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convicted killer awaiting sentencing on september 5th which ironically is the same day drew peterson is sentenced for killing his third wife kathleen savio. >> he's a sociopath he is a psychopath and he's going to get life in prison. the man no guilty of killing his wife kimberly and their three children. jurors determined the case in under one hour. if you heard the evidence like a said i think you would come to the same conclusion that we did too. collectively we did what needed to be done. their family held hands and wept quietly while the verdict was read in court the defendant shows no emotion at all. they toasted kimberly with her favorite drink, a lemon
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drop. meanwhile jurors, the judge prosecutors into public defender all under the same roof unwinding after a long and hard-fought case. the murder took place in 2007, four bodies found in the family suv christopher bond blamed his wife as he limped away from the crime scene that day closing arguments last over six hours in a prosecutor said there is no other person that could have killed kimberly and her kids except for christopher bond. vaughn.
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according to prosecutors this was far from the perfect murder the case hinged on physical evidence and lots of it evidence that he either left behind, failed to cover up or could not explain all at the expense of his own family. this case is not just a murder is an atrocity to annihilate your family i cannot think of a more unspeakable crime. the sentencing date of november 25th will likely not stick in this case but for now >>the sentencing is scheduled for the same day at the same courthouse. >> hateachers will vote october
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2nd on the expense of the new contract. a 71 year-old man was robbed of tens of thousands of dollars and shot on the west side we're live at mount sinai hospital. as far as we know the 71 year-old man is still in critical condition after being attacked and then shot in the leg if we have not been able to find out exactly why he was carrying about $140,000 a and why no one was protecting him. if the victim worked for the cta for many years and retired a decade ago. if you were all round him you will definitely laugh because he is a very jolly and a sweet personality wax, >> this morning while he was at the facility and the 600 block
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of north pulaski was approached by at least two men robbed of $140,000 and then shot in the leg cause life-threatening injuries co-workers think this could have been an inside job saying someone would have to know the man was carrying that much money. a lot of people don't know about it. i can't even speculate on actually what happened if he was set up or, you just never know, no one knows how much money that they give to the bank for the retirees every month they don't know that so we believe that it was a set up. the two suspects were picked up one hour later at a nearby gas station eyewitnesses told police about a new red suv from the scene which led them to the corner of washington and pulaski. to possibly three people are being questioned by chicago detectives
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right now no charges have been filed yet. >> news of the death of a two month old baby named miracle stunts a west side neighborhood the fire destroyed the home yesterday as the baby girls slept investigators found a space heater in her first floor bedroom and are considering that as the cause of the baby's death. her grandmother was watching her. safety is a discipline we can do everything we can possibly do, provide smoke detectors and batteries but at the end of the day of people don't make the effort to do that, it doesn't do much good. >> 30 people have been displaced from that fire including 12 children the girl's mother named her miracle because she didn't think she would be able to have more children. there is trouble with american airlines flights
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canceled because of contract issues with the pilot that hit the picket lines today and as a result they have canceled 300 flights for september the 23rd. pilots are calling protest and pending job cuts workers could lose their job as the company fights to get out of bankruptcy and they also plan to cut their october schedule by as much as 2%. carwash workers are doing poor wages and benefits the result of a new study shows the data proving that nearly all carwash workers in chicago live below the poverty line they get little or no health benefits despite working with harsh chemicals and all kinds of extreme weather and officials say they hope something can be done to improve the pay and benefits for the workers. a man missing since the 1970's, how the john wayne gacy investigation helped file that cold case. gov quinn wants to
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bring a casino to chicago again. make sure you have a jacket for the weekend. we could see the coolest weather in five months.
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ot sfilodour for u.n.emma 18 year-old
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adele dahoud will remain in custody after he awaits trial while a federal judge decided today that the
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teenager provides too much of a threat to public safety. he is accused of trying to designate what he thought was a car bomb outside of a west loop bar friday night the bomb was a fake and the man who gave it to him was an undercover fbi agent according to the fbi the alleged attempted bombing was the culmination of months of planning by him during which the agency says he made a list of 29 potential targets in chicago then scatter the targets to see which one would wreak the most devastation but it's a tactic used by the fbi during the investigation that the suspect's attorney said is cause for concern. the u.s. attorney's office argued today that the evidence not only shows that he
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was the instigator every step along the way and his alleged plan to kill americans but that he also had numerous opportunities to back out. the misguided team of middle eastern descent. durkin says he will continue to request his client be released pending trial i still think we can come up with conditions that will make it every bit as safe for him as at home as it is in kankakee. the next step in the case will be the agreement it will be scheduled for sometime in the next 7-10 days. prosecutors in colorado given up their fight to four the notebook of the colorado cedar
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massacre james holmes he looks very different from this photo now he no longer had the dyed hair when he was taken into custody. anonymous sources say that his notebook contains plans for the massacre he allegedly opened fire at the premiere of a batman movie killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. prosecutors want to obtain the notebook any way. a peoria family that believes they're missing son may have been the victim of the serial killer john wayne gacy over 30 years ago finally has some answers. he disappeared in 1978 while hitchhiking back to the chicago area from washington state the family feared that his remains might be among those that the sheriff's office was working to identify a thank-you the remains found
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on the side of mount olympus were not those of a homicide. the autopsy said that he simply fell off of the mountain. the family says their grateful for the closure and will have a burial for him next week. three checks one worth $20,000 stolen from president obama as headquarters tonight police are trying to track down the thief and a multimillion-dollar award for a man who says his popcorn made him sick.
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>> moi when it comes to the economy, the president has archie thrown in the white flag of surrender he said it with regard to his first four years when he gets and incomplete.
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>> temple linty is leaving romney's presidential campaign to take a job in d.c. for a group representing banks and financial companies. hoping to recover three checks stolen from its headquarters in downtown chicago. so far no are rest have been made. local authorities indicted 59 year-old rita car well on 60 counts of felony theft after facing wire fraud for allegedly stealing tens of
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millions over the course of 23 years, federal prosecutors say that she championed a horse breeding operation and lived a lavish lifestyle she pleaded not guilty but she is selling her horses into property anyway. two of the three victims hospitalized
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>> our ability to impact or maintain our health or have the information to get the services that we need really changes the trajectory of our lives. more than 10,000 people are expected to get the screening this week. coming up the medical watch, you know you love it and you cannot resist chocolate into now scientists say they know why. what you will get a lot more junk mail very soon and lines continue to form for the iphone 51 some people are waiting in line even though they don't want it.
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according to new research from the american heart association study participants drink cranberry juice as part of a
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healthy heart diet and those who did so i significant reduction in blood pressure than those who did not drink it, is rich in anti oxidants into naturally occurring molecules that have been shown to enrich heart health. toxins in snake venom have been shown to impact blood clotting into nerve cells signaling harnessing the power for good, doctors say they can use the toxins to keep theirthem safe but make them safe enough for drug use. expect to offeralter the craving for chocolate the brain signals an urge to over each and the same chemical is admitted in studies of obese people when they see food and in drug
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we are looking at temperatures in the '50s. it's not very common that you will have temperatures in the '50s between the 19th and 24th of september. it only happens about once every 14 years. clouds appear today, dry. those clouds will be producing some rain showers. winds were brisk at 10-15 mi. per hour. that is central
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british columbia are we going to get any more of that? it's possible. it's going to be very chilly out there. as you move inland temperatures are already in the '50s. there is plenty of warm air out to the west. it may be awhile before we see another '80s. some strong winds may be
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coming in on saturday with some of those rainshowers. these are due. temperatures suggesting the air is pretty dry out there. initial rents will probably not make it to the ground this afternoon. you can see the upper air wind flow pushing these clouds south of canada. these are the severe weather reports.
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temperatures nonetheless are going to be cool. i wish i could
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give you better news for the weekend. surveillance video coming up behind the wheel of a car that clips a person.
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space shuttle endeavor landed in tucson today it flew over the city crowds gathered to take pictures of the retired nasa space shuttle endeavor and it will be taken to northern california sometime tomorrow a judge denied a request to have the film removed from youtube the request was filed by an actress in the film and she said she was duped when she accepted an offer for an action adventure
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film as she was told but it turned out to be a film that portrays it mahomet as a womanizer and a child molester. muhammed as a womanizer and day child molester.a child molester. a man from colorado suing against a popcorn co. claiming that it caused him to develop an illness known as popcorn long, he said he lost 50 percent of his lung capacity, the disease is called bronchulitis caused by fumes released by microwaving. it iscomes from
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a chemical used for butter flavoring and is no longer used for butter popcorn. the king's supermarket chain are a kroger co. and remained 20 percent of the damage, there are several cases pending including in iowa and new york. how president obama nearly disrupted and iowa couples big day. and later in sports at the white sox turning into some
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making the cuts by next year. the job cuts could shrink bank of america's work storesforce. illinois gov. paquin says he may consider offering a new bill that would allow a casino in chicago. the bill would have given illinois' five new casinos including one in chicago but this afternoon quinn said the issue isn't dead yet and he has spoken with mayor emanuel about a new film. when i also veto the legislation before it did not have dedicated earmark money for education and i think that is absolutely required and imperative for before going to do thisand if we are going to do this. >> he will travel to brazil
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sunday as he leads a trade mission there in an effort to increase economic opportunity between the states and brazil. mr. manuel said the 20 percent will be in the century of the city. it is in the 100 major cities of the world that the economic cultural intellectual creativity that drives the economy of our respective countries and the world's. it is one of the fastest growing industrialized cities in the world the mayor from china presented mayor emanuel of a statue of a yellow cranes tower. your mailbox may be getting a lot more junk mail your real
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mailbox not your e-mail, the u.s. postal service is working to correct its direct mail advertising customer base which means more deliveries to millions of mailboxes officials estimate increased milk marketing could create more than $1 billion in new revenue each year. 2 million more americans may be forced to pay a penalty when the affordable care act goes into effect, americans must have health insurance by 2014 or they will have to pay a fine based on their income. imagine it's your wedding date at the perfect place with a guest list intact, someone crashes your wedding but not just anyone, how about the president of the united states?
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theypresident obama held a rally to hours before a couple's wedding began in the same location as obama and the wedding planner told her that she had a surprise guest coming. >> she said a special guest was going to, and she can't tell me who and i guess the president. >> he gave them a silver cup and a plaque with his name engraved on it and they got a hand written note from president obama and michelle that wished them a long and happy marriage now they really have a wedding story to tell. let's get the seven day forecast. >> we're looking at a big drop over the weekend but tonight it's fairly comfortable up there we have our temperature in
9:46 pm
o'hare about 59 degrees 64 in cleveland and you can see all across the country temperatures get warmer the farther west you go. interesting contrast their radar satellite composite that is the cold air pushing south you can see some rain developing up there. temperatures, 56 for the high temperatures saturday. the tuesday system by the way may be preceded by even warmer
9:47 pm
air than is indicated that is our best chance of seeing and 80 this week. 72 is expected for wednesday. surveillance video of lindsay lohan allegedly hitting a man with her car is released you can see her head one of the men standing there and then continue driving off. she was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and the man was released from hospital with a knee injury police do not think drugs or alcohol were involved.
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we have been promising you these lines, and here they are, apple's new iphone 5 comes out. coming up, the white sox take advantage of some help from the home team and get out of casey winning two of three. dan roan
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goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand the sox are playing again in kansas city tonight and, and
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kansas city top of the second inning gordon beckham got it the socks taken to-nothing lead and a wild pitch with alex rios and he who hesitates is out no run for the socks there. bottom five, a great defense. gordon beckham out of nowhere to make the play.
9:53 pm
at the bottom of the ninth inning is still tied 3-0. it's a three tigers' lead end here we go again but detroit beat themselves again today with more terrible defense what is austin jackson doing out there in center field? over his head, a triple and two rbis. he messed up a couple of other place to and the a's win it across the board. he is still in hospital with an irregular heartbeat about to go home tomorrow this should make him feel better. he gets five in the inning to on the double by henry rodriguez. anthony rizzo delivers here but the reds win a 5-3 they sweep
9:54 pm
the cubs at wrigley washington has done it tonight to. i cannot imagine them not coming out sunday a great opportunity to reverse the momentum bryant or lacquer didn't practice comes sunday he will be backing up the defensive line, it's been really good so far. henry has his game plan already in order. it was a rivalry game. >> if you second this time will
9:55 pm
you say hey nice to see you this time? >> i'm not mike up this time but it's going to be dirty. don't think matt forte will be ready he didn't practice today either. i think we can expect a lot of michael bush come sunday. regardless i always prepared as though i were a starter. so you like the idea of the weight being on your shoulders? >> i'm going to speak to what i know and i'm going to give it my all. he has been in this role for. they just want to see another tailback in there that can do just as good and there are not many matt fortes out
9:56 pm
there. mike is going to step in there into a great job. ground 1 tour championship at east lake in atlanta. he said afterward he played it like a 15 ft. putt and just let gravity take over a 50 ft. tap in birdie he had the lead alone and tell mr. which showed up at the back nine chipping in for birdie at 12. he also added uconn to his list of potential challenges. texas tech fires at basketball coach billy, you hear the hawks talk all the time about their defensive ability error customer thought he had a base hit, he didn't, he makes a terrific play in states his values all at the
9:57 pm
same time that they couldn't get error caused or out in the bottom of the ninth the royals when it 4-3 so the lead is to into the stocks are headed to anaheim for the weekend. that's the news for this thursday night. thanks for watching. ♪ introducing free layaway at kmart. it's a great time to get shopping. ot sfilodour notaxe
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